Friday, October 15, 2010

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So what else is new?

We are having a potluck today, and like always, someone is being cheap. Her dish maybe cost $7.00. Mine? It cost at least $15.00. AND it's homemade. AND it feeds more than four people.

I know. Grow up! Right?

I'm trying.
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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

One week in...

I'm taking PROZAC. I'm on day 8, which means I just doubled the doseage from the first week; meaning I am now ingesting two pills instead of the one they had me taking the first week.

I read the paperwork provided by the pharmacist. I've seen the list of possible side effects, and warning signs. I am familiar.

I wonder sometimes about the wisdom of giving this information to the patient. I mean, I know they HAVE TO make people aware. It's common sense. Well, and safer for everyone involved.

I must say though, a lot of my waking hours are spent *dwelling* on these things; the possible side effects.

Am I irritated today because of the medication? or is this just normal irritation?
Was that a suicidal thought? (don't worry! that one is just for an example... I am NOT suicidal.)
Are my aches and pains from the medicine?
Did the overtly-sexual dream I had last night mean I am spinning out of control?
Is my mind EVER going to stop racing in this manner?

I'm not sure about all of this yet. It's troubling me for sure.

oh my. I suddenly feel weepy.

and wobbly. oh.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Are we in Junior High?

It's Customer Service Week, and there is all kinds of frivolity going on at the old workplace; banner making, cheer creating, song composition. It's a sad mixture of "Go Team!" and "High School Musical". Which creates more excitement than "A Barrel Full of Monkeys". (Sarcasm there.. did you find it?)

Tomorrow, at 3PM, there will be a CLOSING CEREMONY. Yes. You heard me. There will be speeches, and awards. And there will be a procession; the FLAG/Banner Procession. With music. And cheers. Oh the horror.

We are all to wear blue pants (jeans are OK unless really faded) and red shirts (preferably ALL red... not a print with some red in it). IF we know where our Company baseball cap is, we may wear that as well.

Are you kidding me? A PARADE? With UNIFORMS?

Did we suddenly all become TWELVE YEARS OLD? (Although I doubt my 12 year old niece would participate, unless forced under threat of pain or no internet for several weeks, in a parade.)

I... have a doctor's appointment tomorrow afternoon. And even if the doctor sticks me with the BIGGEST NEEDLE on this planet, or makes me sicker than someone who ate bad sushi then went on the Tilt-A-Whirl at the local carnival, I am glad to be going to see him. Because even though they SAY, "Participation in this activity is strictly voluntary and is not a condition of employment.", I do not believe them. They will MAKE me march in their silly parade.

And I am not having it.